Prickly Pals North East

Hedgehog rescue & rehabilitation in and around Tyneside & Wearside

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Local Charity Ref: XT31033

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Prickly Pals North East (PPNE) was set up in 2008 by Paula Charlton. A life long wildlife enthusiast, Paula became alarmed by the rapid decline of British hedgehogs so decided to take matters into her own hands after successfully rehabilitating a sick hedgehog she found locally. Paula turned her garden shed into a rescue centre and Prickly Pals North East was founded.

Currently, PPNE comprises of 3 main carers, Sharon, Joanne and Paula. Alongside the main carers are a small but dedicated group of foster carers and volunteers, without whom, PPNE would be unable to function.

Being a small organisation, PPNE regularly deal with approximately 100 sick or injured hedgehogs in a year with all three carers working flat out during the busy spring, summer and autumn periods.

Who We Are

What We Do

Prickly Pals North East is a small but active animal charity dedicated to helping hedgehogs that are sick, injured or orphaned.

PPNE will always act in the best interests of native hedgehogs,


Paula and Lorraine hard at work raising funds at a tombola stall.

PPNE Hedgehog Awareness Day

If you’d like to learn more about native hedgehogs and what can be done to help them, click  HERE