Prickly Pals North East

Hedgehog rescue & rehabilitation in and around Tyneside & Wearside

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Local Charity Ref: XT31033

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Prickly Pals North East is a small, local charity that rescues and treats sick or injured hedgehogs. Where possible our aim is to return rehabilitated hedgehogs back into the wild.

Found a Hedgehog out during daylight hours?

It needs assistance!

One of our many success stories. This hoglet was deserted by his mother after the nest was disturbed. Joanne took him in, hand reared him until he was eventually released close to where he was originally found

Five siblings from an abandonment in the Hendon area of Sunderland. Fortunately, the finder acted quickly and all five survived. Three were released close to where they were found and the other two were released at another carefully chosen release site.


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